Localization Engineer/ Technology Manager

General responsibilities & duties

  • Validating and isolating content to be translated.
  • Piloting multilingual capability including creating language selections.
  • Integrating the translation workflow with the existing authoring workflow.
  • Ensuring that all the appropriate coding changes are made so that the content will show up properly on all browsers and devices.
  • Ensuring that all relevant content is translated, including metadata, alt texts, text phrases embedded in code, etc.
  • Assessing the impact of foreign language content and graphics to handle text expansion and maintaining proper design /look-and-feel for foreign audiences.
  • Planning for future content updates.
  • Handle localization engineering processes for maximum quality and productivity.
  • Suggest new tools to manage translation memory and optimize leverage.
  • Handle language testing process and create additional QA test cases for target locales.
  • Test localization bugs, execute solutions or reassign.
  • Suggest i18n functional testing and oversee tests to resolve quality issues.
  • Train and present on localization engineering and processing.
  • Develop and automate localization processes and workflow.
  • Maintain a localization bug database and reports.
  • Should be able to read code and be familiar with different programming languages. In most cases, you won’t code anything from scratch, but you should feel comfortable handling them.
  • Should have knowledge of localization and computer-assisted translation tools.
  • Should know about a variety of publishing and editing software (InDesign, FinalCut, Photoshop, Office Suite etc.).
  • Should understand content management systems and web technologies.
  • Must pay extreme attention to detail.
  • Should have an ability to figure things out (this is perhaps the most important skill).
  • Should be fluent in more than one language (recommended but not absolutely required).


  • Proactive, self-directed, detailed and organized
  • Motivation and pride to technically shepherd the output of teams who must reach a global audience in a competitive marketplace.
  • Proficient in PHP or Javascript.
  • Interested in both backend and frontend development.
  • Experience programming for localization tools.
  • Experience programming for software internationalization (i18n).
  • Experience with both PHP and Javascript.
  • Experience with web UI development.
  • Localization CAT tool general understanding.
  • Experience living abroad or cross-cultural immersion.
  • BS or MS degree in Computer Science or a related technical field is a bonus

MIIS Resources:

  • Intro to Programming; Software I18n & Localization by David Mohr
  • Website Localization; Multilinngual Desktop Publishing by Max Toyer

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