Internship Series


Jessy Nguyen

Maintain A Proactive Mindset and Dive Deeper

1. Build your network as a channel to boost your job search.

2. Communicating and connect with team members are vital in a big, remote team.

3. Stay proactive and dig deeper into things that interest you at work.

4. Maintain relationships by keeping in contact with your former co-workers.

5. Apply fast and early. Research the company. Be resilient.

6. Do research and be prepared to articulate why you would like to work for the company.

Autumn Smith

Highlight Your Strengths and Fill in the Gaps

1. Start internship application early and apply widely.

2. Build on interview experience and prepare multiple versions of resumes.

3. Feel more confident and avoid imposter syndrome.

4. Fill in the gaps in your skills through continuous learning.



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