Industry Insights


Cody Connell

1. Involve and educate stakeholders about localization best practices.

2. Focus on improving your interpersonal skills as future PMs

3. Learn how to create a business case using the knowns and unknowns.

4. Mirror influential figures in the industry in terms of self-marketing.

5. Match and hone your skills with the JDs you are interested in.

6. Pick up the industry lingo by learning relevant acronyms and doing more research.

7. Contextualize your knowledge by relating it to the real problems in your internships.

Carmen Romano

1. Stay curious and understand what is going on in the industry

2. Try to get as much experience as you can and highlight your skills

3. Approach client needs from the localization and business perspective! Speak to them in their words!

4. Treat your internal stakeholders the same as your external ones! Take time to explain to them why the implementation adds value to their work.

5. Don't hesitate to reach out to your connections. Most people are willing to share!

Salim Martell

1. Learn how to bridge clients and linguists. Signs from your trusted linguists can help you evaluate a project.

2. Keep learning about diverse things in the industry.

3. Find your own niche, specifically something that interests you.

4. Keep yourself plugged into the localization information channels & keep up with the industry updates.

Juan Ortiz

Juan Manuel Ortiz

1. When communicating with different people with different tasks, understand what you want.

2. Networking tip: Learn about what the person is doing to get the gist of what's going on in the industry.

3. Play with CAT tools — you don't have to be an expert but it's helpful to know different tools related to your field.

4. Strive towards continuously learning something new.

Xingchen Hu

1. The interview is not the bar that judges you, but a chance to learn.

2. APPLY, APPLY, and APPLY, with a well-prepared resume.

3. Think about what the employers want from a candidate.

4. Find your selling point and play with your strength.



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