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Connor Wertz

Connor Wertz is pursuing a Masters in Translation and Localization Management. From 2018-2020, Connor served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guizhou, China. During that time, Connor was the only English-A speaker at the technical college he served at. This resulted in Connor participating in a wide range of localization-related projects. These experiences are what led Connor to pursue a degree at MIIS.

Siying Guo

Siying Guo (she/her) is an M.A. candidate in the Translation and Localization Management Program, with a focus on localization management.  She came to the United States as an exchange student, majoring in English literature and global studies, where she also found her passion on localization and started her localization exploring journey at MIIS. As a language and technology enthusiast, Siying joined LocReady where she wishes to have more practices for future career in localization with her lovely, smart and supporting teammates.

Aleria Amaral

Aleria Amaral is a Master’s student in Translation and Localization Management with a Specialization in Japanese Translation at the Middlebury Institute. She is fluent in English, Japanese, and German, and she has spent some time living both in Germany and Japan. Her most recent stint living outside of the U.S. was on the JET Programme in Kochi Prefecture, Japan where she was inspired by her work as a Coordinator for International Relations to become a bridge between cultures, which is ultimately what brought her to MIIS to study localization. In her spare time, she loves to go hiking with her dog, learn how to bake, and study new languages (French and Korean at the moment).

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