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LocReady prepares aspiring localization professionals for their careers by providing insights from various industry professionals. Our resources, including glossaries and career insights, are here to guide you through your first steps into localization.

LocReady with Linka Wade- Ups and Downs in Localization: Making it in a Turbulent Industry

Meet Linka Wade, a recent graduate of the TLM program at the Middlebury Institute. Listen to Linka’s experience getting into a translation and transcreation company called Supertext, her journey to becoming one of its central pillars, and how her education helped along the way.

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We interview localization professionals and MIIS alumni to share their insights, industry updates, and job-hunting advice with those just starting out on their localization journey. Check out our Youtube channel for the most recent interviews!

What difficulties you will encounter while entering the localization industry?

How should I get my foot in the door if I have little experience?

What are the best practices when making connections online?

During an interview, how should I frame my answers so I would be the best fit?

What are the qualities valued by a recruiter?

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